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Live Heathier By Reading


When was the last time you read a book?

I can hear you saying where we have time. I know and I do feel with our hectic life and having to look after our loved ones. But believe me reading helps a lot. It gives us inner strength.

What are the benefits when you start a reading habit?

1.You learn

When we read the book or the article, it teaches us something that we don’t know. Whether you read educational or fictional novels you will learn something. You gain new knowledge when you read something outside of your field.

2.Improves memory

Reading stimulates the mind like exercise for the brain to keep it active. It slows down your decline in mental power. Reading can preserve your memory in old age. Mental activities like reading can prevent Alzheimer’s. This is a type of dementia that causes memory problems. If you want to improve your memory then read at least one book per month.

Develop good analytical skills

If you are reading a novel you will critique the author’s work. This is very common in literature class. Do not just limit this exercise to your literature class because this is a skill that can be useful in life. You can relate some stories to real life situation. Reading broadens your mind. You get to understand human and life better. If you need an activity to improve your critical thinking skill then reading is the answer.

Expand your vocabulary

You will come across to new words when you read novels, literacy work or newspaper. You can express yourself better than the average person who does not read. You may not learn all the words at once. However, when you read often you will see new words until you become familiar with them. You see how the words are used in a sentence and you can use them properly. Keep your dictionary near you when you pick up a novel.

 Improve writing skills

Reading also helps you to write better subsequently. Reading shows you how to write so you can follow and develop your skills.

So lets grab a book and start reading. I have started reading books written by Charles Dickens. Memories of Secondary school.

Lets read.

Mdm Puspa