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Assalamualaikum readers. My name is Nazeera and I am the person behind the updates of Ilham Child Care’s social media account. I am rarely infront of the camera as I prefer to be behind the scenes team. Our social media account has gotten a lot of response so far and it is nice to be able to keep the parents updated of what’s happening in school and to give them a peace of mind while they are busy at work. Social media is now a powerful tool and has become the platform to reach people across the world. We are living in a shrunk world with these technology.

My background is simple, I was a madrasah student for the longest time and I completed my bachelor in Yarmouk University majoring in Arabic Language and Literature. I was living the jordanian life for a good 4 years and I think thats the phase where I grew the most mentally. That’s all about me so lets get to the real content.


As we all are aware, we are at the end of Ramadhan- a month of barakah and a testing ground of our Iman as there are a lot of challenges to overcome.

Our day-to-day struggle intensifies as we fast, not eating for close to 14 hours and has shifted our from what to eat decisions to more how can make more good deeds within 24 hours.

My concept of ramadhan changed when I started my tertiary education. I was in the Middle East and they have a different perspective and way of how they spend their day and night in the holy month. It’s always crucial as we are having our final exams for the semester during Ramadhan.

I’d like to share 3 main things that differs the Ramadhan in the Middle East and Singapore:

  1. Our daily schedule. We usually wake up to do our revision and have our iftaar (the break fast) around 8pm. For this we have dates and simple pastry. Then we will have our prayers and usually teraweeh if were to be done at the mosque ends almost 1130pm to midnight. Then we will have our gatherings where we post iftar house hopping and have a heavy meal served by hosts and have dessert at different cafes. The Malls are open from nearly iftaar till suhoor.
  2. The Ramadhan police. We have this ‘mutawwa’ a person who patrols and enforces for those who can’t fast or non muslims to not eat at public area.
  3. Shorten working and schooling hours. This is the thing I look forward too especially in summer months where it is screeching hot (well Singapore is humid so I don’t know if I’d prefer dry or wet weather😅)

In the end, this month is for us to do more in ibadah and our interactions. Always on the ball doing good things such as donations and reading the Quran. We hope that these practices will still be in order when other months comes. Till we be invited to see the next ramadhan.


Eid mubarak to all!