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Assalamualaikum everyone, I am Ustazah Lisa from Ubi centre. This is my first time doing a blogpost and share with all of you. I hope that everyone would love to read my story.

Alhamdulillah I have work in Ilham childcare for 6 years. Actually I am not use to teaching with young children. My experience more to teens, youth and adults.

I got to know about Ilham childcare from one of my friend she said that Ilham has a vacancy for tutor. And I was thinking if I should take the vacancy or not, with no experience and I don’t have any qualifications for this line.

So I decided to try it out with children and to gain experiences Alhamdulillah rezeki Allah no one knew I got this job as a childcare teacher.

From here I have learnt a lot from my teachers and principals. Alhamdulillah my bosses have also supported me and they send me to courses in order for me to gain knowledge about children.

As an early childhood educator it is not easy to teach them as they are not same as adult students. We need to explain to them what they can do and what the cannot do.

Every day need to greet them with smile and give them a hug. When we teach them, we need to explain to them we need to look into their eyes and explain with love and encourage them to be a good boy and girls and hug them so that they feel we love them.

So this is my experience when I work with children, it has been so fun and at the same time I learn how to be a good mother in the future inshaAllah. I hope that all of you enjoy with my story of working in Ilham childcare. Thank you everyone for your time reading my post today

Assalamualaikum ☺️