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About Us

Nurturing the future is our mission.

Our Vision

Towards moulding holistic and inquisitive learners


To create an environment that provides every child with equal learning opportunities


Ilham Child Care is a child care centre with excellent facilities, which still manages to retain a warm and supportive family atmosphere. In Ilham, we aim to provide quality, diversified and unique childcare services.

Inspire confidence

Love towards life & others

Holistic & passionate lifelong learners

Appreciating for life & opportunities given

Mutual respect for others

How It All Began

Ilham Child Care Centre was started in 2013 by two parents who have four children and felt that they had spent too much time and money placing their two oldest children into different enrichments such as reading and maths enrichments to ensure that their children are Primary One ready. Unfortunately, they were often spending too much time at malls waiting for their children to finish their back to back enrichments. This only made the parents and children tired and they ended up not spending any quality family time.

Hence, when they were choosing a preschool for their 3rd child, they didn’t want to go through what they did with their first and second children hence decided to set up one that was based on giving maximum and equal opportunities to all children.

At Ilham Child Care, the parents who are now the directors and founders have made a conscious effort in starting the #yourchildneverwalksalone programme to ensure that all students regardless of their families’ financial background are given equal learning opportunities hence all enrichments and the daily four languages learnt are included in the curriculum at no extra charge and parents only pay one fee.

Through our programs that have been carefully selected and researched, we hope that students of Ilham Child Care get the maximum learning benefits and we know that they will be able to feel at home in our centres. We endeavour to support parents by guiding them on the subsidies and grants available to keep the fee manageable for all.

We thank you for choosing Ilham Child Care as the preschool choice for your child and we hope that this handbook will be the beginning of a great home-school partnership.


Shaik Mohamed Basrawi ( Managing Director )
Shahidah Ayoob Angullia ( Director )