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Assalamualaikum everyone!

I am Nurul from TH21 and have been a firm believer of being happy. Though subjective, it is a feeling that I am sure most of us seek for daily. But the question is how? How do you stay happy when everything seems to fall apart? How do you stay happy when you are swamped with endless responsibilities? How do you stay happy when you are greeted with a heartbreaking news upon entering the doctor’s room?

Nobody has a definite answer to these questions because frankly, no two boats sail on the same water condition. How you react to these tribulations may be on the other end of the spectrum than how I would have reacted. How we deal with failures differ too.

But wait… we do have something in common. We all (well, most of us) yearn for happiness.

Of course apart from the obligatory duty we have to fulfill 5 times daily, these 3 tips are really helpful for me and hey it doesn’t hurt to share right?

1.   Count your blessings. Daily.

Try this out: list down all the things that made you happy that day before you go to bed. It could be getting a seat in the crowded MRT, that first cup of coffee for the day (or coke, same thing) or finding a 10-cent coin on the floor so that it made your 90-cents become a dollar. Blessings come in so many ways and sometimes it’s the littlest things that make a huge difference in your life.

2. Listen to your favourite song or surah on your commute to work

Surahs from the Quran have an amazing effect on me on days where my mind and heart aren’t quite in sync. It therapeutic to say the least.

3. Breathe

Though it may be a no brainer but sometimes we take it for granted. Like just the simple act of breathing creates a whole realm of possibilities such as being alive! And that’s A LOT to be happy about as we get to live to see another day, to see our loved ones, to go on holidays and well.. to stop and smell the roses.

These may not be much and you may have heard it else where but it has definitely changed my outlook on certain things. I would be lying if I say I feel nothing but happiness because that’s not realistic. Being sad, disappointed, angry makes us appreciate being happy more.

And that’s beautiful.