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Assalamualaikum readers,

For this week, our founder, Mdm Shahidah Ayoob Angullia would like to share with our readers an article that she was interviewed on by Early Childhood Development Agency [ECDA]

It touches on the topic of bilingualism for preschoolers, what we can do at home with different age groups. Bilingual children who have a solid foundation in their native language learn the majority language more easily and do better at school than children who aren’t learning their native language at home. For example, children who are familiar with books and stories in first languages find it easier to learn to read and write in English when they get to school.

With constant exposure, it will be easier for the child to pick up the language and be comfortable using it.

-Madam Shahidah Ayoob Angullia

Check out the article below!

10-11 EC Landscape

Thank you