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The recent outbreak of the CoVID-19 pandemic has been a huge disruption in our lives. Almost everything is going digital to help curb the spread of this deadly disease. Even to the point where Zoom meetings have replaced Hari Raya visiting altogether! Despite it all, it is what’s best at the current moment, especially for our fellow seniors, as well as the younger kids who are way more susceptible to the virus, as compared to the rest of us.

At Ilham Childcare, we take social distancing very seriously. Your children’s safety and health are our top priority and we are 100% dedicated to ensure that we provide a safe learning environment for all.

Trust me, as a parent myself, I would be super worried for my own children’s health. Which is why, I empathise with all of you and strive, together with our devoted team at Ilham, to provide the safest learning environment for your kids.

Now, here’s the big question. How do we adapt, to ensure that the current situation does not meddle with our Ilhamites’ learning progress and safety, all at the same time?

Well, in terms of safety, we’ve ensured that our premises are marked with 1m safety distancing. Common areas like the front of the toilet, queuing at the canteen and even their own classrooms are some examples, where teachers are tasked to design it in such a way that they are able to have that 1m distance. We also diffuse Thieves Essential Oil, from Young Living, daily and hired a provider to disinfect our centres apart from the regular disinfection done by our Cleaners and teachers.

Our Ilhamites are required to wear their masks in school, at all times except for when they are eating, sleeping or showering. Our teachers also play their part to be a role model for the children by wearing their masks at all times. To be truthful, it wasn’t an easy change at the start for the kids, as they aren’t used to it at all. However, with the continuous effort from both our teachers and Ilhamites, we’ve gradually managed to overcome that!

So, how do we reach out to all of our Ilhamites, now that most of them are doing HBL?

Thanks to Zoom, once again! Through zoom lessons, our Ilhamites at home will still be able to participate and learn. In this way, our teachers are able to keep in touch with them and get live updates of how they’re doing, to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Another initiative we did was to pre-record videos as materials for Home Based Learning (HBL), to be uploaded weekly. For the N2-K2 parents we have included our favourite online app, Smile and Learn! Our students are able to learn in a dynamic and enjoyable way through the interactive games and activities.


Now, since our teachers are only able to meet Ilhamites in the virtual space, how do they actually track the progress of each and every Ilhamite online, you may ask?

Our teachers will get parents to share Ilhamites’ projects that they were tasked to do and assess directly from there. As for the “Smile & Learn” app, there is a report generation feature at the end, for teachers to know how many times the app was played, how long they took and even their scores. Amazing, right? Trust me, you’re never going to hear the end of it as Smile and Learn is really THE go-to-app!

As we all know, there is only so much HBL can do. It is not the same as having physical classes. With that in mind, how do our teachers keep them engaged and continuously learning while they’re at home?

As our curriculum is theme based, there will always be new themes for children to be engaged in. And teachers have their own creativity as to how the lessons are being carried out, in terms of the usage of different materials or approach altogether. And during our June and Nov-Dec holidays, we embark on an Inquiry Based Learning project that scaffolds the children’s interests. It is more children-initiated, where we create fun activities and craft based on what they are interested in, giving them a sense of being in charge of their learning process. Talk about fun!

At the end of day, us educators at Ilham Childcare feel a strong sense of responsibility towards our dear Ilhamites. As their ‘guardians’ while you are away, we have been super committed to ensure that they are safe under our care but also continuously learning, no matter what the circumstances are.