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Ilham Child Care is proud to announce its expansion overseas to Australia. We launched AimSPARKE in April, a holistic enrichment centre based in Melbourne, Australia. With AimSPARKE, Ilham Child Care aims to continue providing equal learning opportunities to each and every one of our students. 

Since it has always been our goal to expand overseas and with the founders of Ilham Child Care being granted Australian PR, it makes much sense to move towards expanding our child care centres in Melbourne. 

We dream big. However, as we are new to the market, we want to take it step by step. Hence, we decided to seek out joint partners and set up a smaller scale establishment in the form of enrichment centres focusing on early learning and numeracy programs, which we believe are lacking here. In that sense, Ilham Child Care has spread its wings by collaborating and launching AimSPARKE, a holistic enrichment centre in Melbourne, Australia. Two out of the four founders of AimSPARKE are the managing director and director of Ilham Child Care Singapore. 

AimSPARKE Mission and Goals

AimSPARKE was founded by four experienced educators and Singaporean parents who aim to continue providing equal learning opportunities to children in the down under too. 

Here at AimSPARKE, our mission is to mould self-directed and purpose-driven learners by providing the best that early education has to offer. 

Through exciting and encouraging classroom activities, AimSPARKE aims to nurture curious and joyful young minds by providing equal learning opportunities to each one of our students. 

Early childhood education at AimSPARKE aims to encourage independent play and hands-on experiences, enhancing your child’s learning settings. 

We know that young children feel motivated to learn when they engage in activities such as arts and crafts, playing with peers, reading books, exploring sensory activities, practising their gross motor, and more.

Our qualified educators pride themselves on ensuring that your child gets the best education they deserve. Rest assured that your child’s teachers will nurture them into bright and confident learners.

Another essential goal we aim for at AimSPARKE is filling a service gap to offer evidence-based literacy and numeracy services in Melbourne. 

Most kindergartens and preschool services in Melbourne provide a play-based curriculum. While encouraging free play is essential for a child’s overall social-emotional and language development, a play-based curriculum is not specific and adequate enough to develop a child’s literacy and numeracy skills as they enter school. 

AimSPARKE’s curriculum is tailored to provide just that – it is meant to complement the play-based curriculum, therefore ensuring that children can read, spell, and count as they enter the prep year in school. 

AimSPARKE Australia Programme

We want to let Australian parents know that they can expect a unique and inclusive early education programme. AimSPARKE Australia is an inclusive learning centre that focuses on an early literacy programme. It is also a programme that accepts students with dyslexia and special needs students, providing equal education opportunities for all children. 

We aim to nurture curiosity and love for learning through exciting classroom activities by offering programmes for various age groups. For example, our Launchpad Programme caters to children aged 2 to 3 years old, while our Lift-Off programme provides learning opportunities to kids 3 to 5 years old. 

We accept that each child is unique. So, every child that joins our Lift-Off programme will be assessed before starting their classes with us. This allows us to create a programme adapted to your child’s learning needs. 

At the moment, AimSPARKE offers courses for:

  • Early language development
  • Numeracy development
  • Accelerated reading & literacy
  • Music & movement
  • Kids Pilates
  • Art & craft 

AimSPARKE curriculums are based on an evidence-based approach to early childhood education. We emphasize our little learners’ natural curiosity and probing nature to instil positive values such as kindness, resilience, and self-discipline. 

As we have examined the population in this particular area in Victoria, we noticed many Indian, Arab, and Asian families wanting to provide their children with a head start in education. 

We believe that you will be happy to place your child into our enrichment centres and give them the best education opportunity to develop and thrive. 

At AimSPARKE, we cater to children with different learning abilities, providing your child with the opportunity to grow into bright and confident learners. 

What do you think about Ilham child care’s expansion overseas to Australia? We’d like to hear your thoughts.