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Salams daddies!! Guess what? It’s Soccer time again and like last year we are teaming up with Muhamadiyah and AWSC for this event.

So on 6th July , the AWSC coaches will be going down to Muhammadiyah to provide some coaching to the boys on how to be fascilitators to the students. This is not only to empower the boys but also to Ensure they can fascilitate using the right techniques.

We will then be meeting all of you daddies and your children on 13th July for some awesome Soccer fun!

Any guesses why bringing out kids outdoor is important? Well .. we used to play outdoors, at the void deck, playground, climbing trees and all and Alhamdulillah we rarely get sick right?

Well, that’s because exposing our bodies to germs actually increase our immunities. It is actually essential to get our kids dirty so that their bodies will be able to combat diseases with time.

That’s why at Ilham Child Care, as part of our holistic learning and #yourchildneverwalksalone program, we want to encourage outdoor play through playing Soccer which of course is a favourite sport in Singapore!

So be sure to join us on 13th July and daddies be sure to bring your gear too as you will have a chance to play against the coaches and the Muhammadiyah boys in a friendly!!

Catch this vlog from our past soccer clinic session!


Shaik Mohd Basrawi