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Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

    Purpose: To serve as the supervisor of a center in developing and implementing policies, programs, curriculum activities, and budgets in a manner that promotes the educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff member.

    General Planning: conceptualizes the broad goals of the centre and plans accordingly to ensure that procedures and schedules are implemented to carry out the total centre program.

    General Coordination: ensures that the centre program is compatible with the legal, financial and organizational structure of the centre system. The principal defines the responsibilities and accountability of staff members and develops plans for interpreting the centre program to the community.

    Enhancement of Personnel Skills: provides activities which facilitate the professional growth of the centre staff and enhance the quality of the instructional program.

    Centre Objectives: identifies the annual objectives for the instructional, extracurricular, and athletic programs of the centre.

    Curriculum Objectives: ensures that instructional objectives for a given subject and/or classroom are developed, and others in the development of specific curricular objectives to meet the needs of the centre program. The principal provides opportunities for staff participation in the centre program.

    Establishes Formal Work Relationships: evaluates student progress in the instructional program by means that include the maintaining of up-to-date student data. The principal supervises and appraises the performance of the teaching staff.

    Facilitates Organizational Efficiency: maintains inter-centre system communication and seeks assistance from other centre staff to improve performance. The principal maintains good relationships with students, staff, and parents. The principal complies with established lines of authority.

    Administrative: To manage and organize staff records on One@Ecda, ensuring that the documents, forms and medical have been fulfilled.

    Community: encourages the use of community resources, cooperates with the community in the use of centre facilities, interprets the centre program for the community, and maintains communication with community members.

    Supplies and Equipment: manages, directs, and maintains records on the materials, supplies and equipment which are necessary to carry out the daily school routine. The principal involves the staff in determining priorities for instructional purposes.

    Services: organizes, oversee, and provides support to the various services, supplies, material, and equipment provided to carry out the centre program. The principal makes use of community resources. Responsible for handling all incoming calls courteously and professionally by providing accurate information to the callers.
  • Minimum Diploma in Early Childhood and in Leadership in Early Childhood

  • Possess at least 5 years of experience in the Early Childhood sector.

  • Management Skills (Employee Management, Centre Management and Organization)

  • Able to work with initiative and independently, as well as with a team, towards a common goal.

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, with a high level of confidentiality.

  • A committed and responsible person who is willing to learn new skills.

  • Possess basic counselling skills and effective problem solving skills

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