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- Based on research by various educators/Authors.

Is there anything missing from your child’s life? Is your child enjoying a full range of play experiences?

In this article you will find out the five essential play experiences which represent a full range of play experiences for a balanced and joyous childhood.


Building blocks or playing with LEGOS is first on the list. It is definitely children’s favourite activity. Blocks are bulky, clunky and noisy. They will make a mess on the bedroom or living floor and it will take a long time to put away after playing.

But the truth is, blocks offer the ultimate multitasking play experience because children have everything to gain from this play - they will learn about physics, math, engineering, geometry, architecture and design. In addition to developing physical skills, block play also promotes dexterity and balance. When the children play blocks together with their friends, they will learn how to collaborate, communicate and negotiate. It also develops and expands their problem-solving skills and capacity for abstract thought. Amazing isn’t it?

2. Pretending and Make-believe play

Pretend play often goes by the name “Make-Believe”. In pretend play, children make themselves “believe” that a towel can be a cape, a closet can be a castle, a book can be a laptop, or a little girl can be a princess.

Studies have shown that pretend play is important for children's mental health, especially during times of stress.

3. Teach them new skills.

Allowing your child to learn a new skill and praising them afterwards will help them to feel proud of what they can do. Also, start with something simple before moving on to more challenging tasks, such as making a pancake or as simple as pouring milk in their own cup.

4. Know your child’s limits

If you know your child is tired, it is definitely not the best time to go for grocery shopping or running errands. When they are hungry, they are more likely to demand food than children who have just had their meals. Just like us, adults!

Hope you will find this article useful for applying at home with your little ones!

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