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Enrich your Child with these Programmes

In one of our earlier posts this year, Ilham Child Care shared that we offer free enrichment programmes that would assist your child in their future needs to grow and receive equal learning opportunities. To that extent, we provided the #yourchildneverwalksalone programmes at no cost to help nurture and promote their skills that may otherwise not be found.

Hence, we would like to explain the nine different Enrichments that we are offering, so you may be able to decide which might suit your child and receive the best programme that will assist them for their future!

One of the most popular is the Jolly Phonics Reading Programme which originates from the UK. As one of the world-leading English literacy methods that enable children to read and write using phonics, Jolly Phonics teaches the children phonics in a fun and engaging way, be it through characters, stories, actions, or songs, and even games!

Due to its simplicity and how it engages kids in many different ways, most children find themselves entranced by it, learning through visuals and quite aptly able to pick up the letters of the alphabet quickly.

Another method of education known as Montessori is based on a child-centred learning approach. Our teachers who prepare learning environments help the children maintain focus on promoting independence and fostering their growth at an individual pace. Rather than following a specified timetable, this gives the children the freedom of learning what they wish. In addition, as it provides readily available activities to the kids, they are free to explore and interact with the materials made ready for them.

Doing this at a young age would practically introduce the children to materials and objects that would assist them in developing their fine motor skills, practical life skills, mathematics, and English concepts. This would also prepare the children to be focused, independent and innovative learners, as they would be able to self-study for themselves, providing them with a mindset that would help them in the future to become more responsible, respectful, and mindful individuals.

To promote more creativity in some of the artful children, Arts & Crafts is another programme we have offered. Every child has a capability we all have to unlock, and those more creative may join in this to give them a greater sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work, which naturally builds confidence within themselves!

Not only will this boost their creativity, but as they would be able to try new things, it would develop their own “self-regulation skills” where they would have to be patient! Simple things like waiting for the paint or glue to dry would make them understand that not everything is meant to be instantaneous, and sometimes a bit of patience goes a long way, something any child needs help with.

Our fourth enrichment programme that Ilham Child Care has started is the Music & Movement programme! Understanding sounds is daily for us, and kids are more prone to listening and picking up new things. The programme enables children to learn new words and concepts through chanting rhymes, creating sounds using household items, and singing songs to learn the alphabet!

Our teachers would even help the children express emotions in different ways and communicate messages through actions! This is, so they can adequately express their feelings in their future, instead of keeping it bottled up where they do not understand how to deal with it!

The Speech & Drama programme offers more than just entertainment. It empowers our young learners to explore and express themselves using effective and clear communication skills! The use of movement, drama games, performance songs, and drama activities will effectively boost any child’s confidence, imagination, concentration, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Meanwhile, our poetry, reading aloud, stories, and discussions will provide them with oral skills, creativeness, and social skills for their futures. In addition, they are bound to be involved in presentations and meet people of different cultures.

Another part of our Enrichments on offer is our Martial Arts Programme. The kids would find themselves learning martial arts that challenge and build their motor skills, flexibility, reflexes, and agility. In addition, it provides a place where they will develop their athleticism, which is essential for their future. We have chosen Kali Majapahit as our Martial Arts Programme. Kali Majapahit is a Southeast Asian martial arts system with elements of Filipino Kali, Indonesian Silat, Muay Thai and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

Meanwhile, Cookery Enrichment is something all students look forward to as a weekly activity as they get hands-on experience cooking / baking healthy food. It also helps the children learn and practise basic math concepts, which happens when they prepare the ingredients for cooking or baking.

Added to the experience of creating meals will help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits, which would naturally be born out of the children learning the different ingredients used for cooking.

Our Malay Immersion Programme is another widespread enrichment that is very unique to our centres. We added this in as it’s crucial for students to understand the importance of our culture and languages. To instil greater confidence and understanding of the Malay traditions, we want to do our part to keep the children interested in our culture, which would prove vital for the future!

Preserving our roots and being proud to be a Malay would give the kids the understanding of what it means to be one and how it feels to be proud of their race and religion, so they do not shy away from it!

Our last enrichment that’s included fully subsidised is our Info Comm Technology (ICT) programme. We believe digital literacy is just as critical as traditional literacy in an era where technology has grown exponentially since a few decades ago. This is offered for levels N2 to K2, as they have a more likely tendency to catch on to digital literacy.

In this programme, we teach the kids how to use electronics like laptops, cameras, and green screens to create and edit their videos! Our classes will also introduce the students to unleash their creativity by ensuring they record and edit their audio! It provides a stepping stone for the children to prepare to tackle the digital influence that has been growing the past few years, especially with Covid being one of the main reasons digital literacy is an essential aspect of most people’s lives.

And these are the nine Enrichment programmes we have offered to the children to better their chances of success in the future. Each of them has proven to be a success with many of the children who joined in, as they can pick up skills and abilities many would not have realized they have without this. We are grateful we can offer this enrichment for the betterment of the children, and thank the parents for being involved as well!

Would you want your child to learn more? What sort of programmes would you want your child to know that could better their future?

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