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Ensuring a Safe Place for All

Prioritizing Child Safety in Educational Settings

In the wake of recent distressing news in Singapore concerning the mistreatment of children in a preschool, the importance of ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for our young ones has taken center stage. The incident underscores the significance of vigilance and accountability in childcare centers, as well as the need for comprehensive measures to safeguard our children's well-being.

Islamic Preschool Childcare Centre Ilham Child Care

Our authorities have taken a crucial step towards enhancing child safety by mandating the installation of CCTV cameras in preschools by July 2024. This move not only serves as a deterrent to potential misconduct but also provides a crucial tool for monitoring and addressing serious incidents promptly.

At Ilham, we will always continue to do our part to ensure the safety of all our students and that they will always be well taken care of. There are 21 CCTV cameras installed at our Focus1 centre, 16 at TradeHub21 and 18 at Primz Bizhub.

In our recent interview with Berita Mediacorp, we highlighted that it can also serve as a reference or evidence in case of any undesirable incidents. Since our first operation began 10 years ago, we have already installed CCTV cameras in all branches because our Director, Mr. Shaik, has experience in the Singapore Police Force (SPF), so he implemented a security system called ADT and used it for all our branches.

Beyond installing CCTV cameras, it is vital to establish a culture of transparency, accountability, and fairness within our centers. All our teachers and staff are trained to recognize signs of potential issues and are equipped to respond appropriately.

Moreover, parents play a pivotal role in this endeavor. Encouraging open communication between parents and educators can help identify any concerns early on. Parents are also urged to review the footage, as suggested by authorities, to ensure that their children are being treated fairly and justly.

In conclusion, the recent incident in Singapore serves as a stark reminder that we must prioritize child safety in educational settings. By implementing mandatory CCTV cameras, fostering transparency, and nurturing a culture of care and respect, we can collectively ensure that every child receives the safe and nurturing environment they deserve.

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