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Preparing for the Next Journey

At Ilham Child Care, we do our very best to implement a regimen that resembles that of a primary school so that every child would prepare themselves for the change of pace that comes with it! Moving to a primary school tends to force an adaptation period for the child when they eventually enter, where they are not yet prepared mentally or physically for the rigorous activities they may find themselves in.

That being the case, combined with the efforts from our centres, parents could implement the best preparation strategy any child can have from home as well! Preparing them for their new regimen and activities that they will face would ensure that the children would not be taken aback by the actions and routines of primary school, effectively adapting their minds and preparing them for their next journey!

Physically, any child will be overwhelmed by the change of pace in primary schools. With more to do and a timetable to follow, kids would be surprised with the shift from being in a childcare centre. Although our schedule is not as rigid as that of a primary school, our teachers fully understand that developing a routine is essential for their future. Setting up a timetable at home is also as important as it will aid your child mentally for the oncoming change and the growing number of activities they will likely be involved in! Take, for example, lunchtime! Simple as it sounds, having lunch at only specific timings aids in training their bodies to be better prepared to follow the school’s timetable.

It would be imperative for parents to play a central part in preparing them and hyping them up on what they will come to find in primary schools! Parents can describe their experiences in things like making new friends, creating new bonds, and getting into activities that would likely be part of their lives over the next decade. Furthermore, this helps children imagine what they can look forward to, as they will realize that school is not simply about learning, but it’s also about finding their passion for what they truly desire!

One of the more significant changes that a child would encounter is needing to pay for their food. As they have little understanding of the concept of money, allowing them to practice purchasing items using real money before starting their primary school journey can assist them to handle money more frugally so as not to overspend. In addition, teaching the children how much things cost and how much they can actually afford will make them more financially responsible.

Almost all children will find that the most apparent change from childcare to primary school is finding themselves with more homework and activities that they might not be able to manage appropriately. This is one of the more common issues most kids face when they are dealing with time constraints which may put them in very stressful situations. Even though teachers are responsible for teaching the children how to manage time, parents have a better chance of disciplining their kids by dedicating sometime of their day for homework and revisions.

With proper time management, your child can implement a daily routine that will be a springboard for their future, enabling them to cope with the upcoming timetable and activities that would likely increase as they get older.

At the end of the day, preparation is the key for any child when they begin their journey into primary school. While our teachers at Ilham constantly strive to prepare them for their next steps, working hand in hand with parents ensures a smoother transition to primary school and beyond, where they can realize their full potential and succeed in whatever endeavour they choose!

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