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Make The Switch To Ilham Child Care & Be Rewarded

Choosing the right child care centre is important because it can have a significant impact on the development and well-being of your child, as well as your own peace of mind. 

It is an important decision that requires careful consideration and research to ensure the best outcomes for your child and your family. 

So let us share with you what makes Ilham Child Care the top choice for any parent (and enjoy some great savings too!)

4 Languages

Research has shown that bilingual children often exhibit better cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills and creativity. At Ilham, we offer 4 languages - English, Malay, Arabic & Mandarin. 

9 Complimentary Enrichment Programs

Applicable to all levels from ICT to Speech & Drama, Martial Arts & more. These enrichment programs are essential as they can help stimulate their growing brains, enhancing cognitive, social, emotional & physical development. 

Inculcate Islamic Value

Instilling Islamic values in children is an important part of raising well-rounded, responsible, and spiritually grounded individuals who can make positive contributions to their communities and society as a whole. At Ilham, we make sure that all our Ilhamites are able to recite simple surahs, perform prayers and practice Islamic values. 

Platinum Healthy Pre-School Award by HPB

We've been awarded the Platinum Healthy Pre-School by the Health Promotion Board!

So fred not, the food we serve our Ilhmites is confirmed plus chop, healthy!

Madrasah Preparatory Program

An enrichment program in a fun and interactive environment to groom your child before sitting for their Madrasah Entrance Test. We cover huruf hijaiyyah including penmanship activities, Arabic vocabulary, numbers, memorization of daily prayers (Dua’s) and surahs.

We also provide mock tests to ensure that they are ready for the actual Madrasah entrance test.

In-House Skills-based Academic Workbooks

We produce and publish all our skills-based academic workbooks from Playgroup to K2. They are constantly reviewed and updated based on the ever-changing needs of our Ilhamites. 

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