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Our Quest in Unlocking the Potential of Every Ilhamite

In Ilham Child Care where we constantly strive to work on every child’s needs, we understand that each of them have a different method of learning. Constantly exposing them to different curriculums, languages and events, our teachers identify certain talents on where one child would excel in and how they can better themselves. To unlock the different potential of every Ilhamite, every lesson planned out by the teachers is not simply applying the curriculums and hoping every child is able to follow suit!

In an article from Redtri, we can find potential ways we can unlock their abilities, using those as not only tips, but a cornerstone on how we go forward as teachers!

By helping each child discover their own learning style, it would give them a more personalised learning experience. At Ilham, we work with a variety of styles with the children. Some are more prone to paying attention to visualizing tasks, which simply means providing visual aids like pictures and images, while others may prefer a hands-on approach to learning where they can easily pick up things on their own. While many may prefer to work together in a task with others to produce maximum efficiency, others are able to cope individually, preferring studying alone as a means to keep their concentration on a single task at hand.

By discovering which of these are suited for their needs, our teachers could plan out a perfect curriculum for individual students, ensuring quality study time where they may be able to succeed in bringing out the best in them. Every lesson planned by our teachers is based on the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) and each activity is consistently checked and commented on by Principals to ensure that it is delivered as such.

Another point we use is to emphasize the value of Education. At this age, most children would only think of being playful, a fact many of us realize. But if we instill how important education is for their future and how it plays a role in it, it would give them the proper motivation! While school is where most knowledge and information can be received from, home is where it begins.

If both the parents and teachers work together on ensuring the importance of education, it would pre-determine how a child views it, and they will eventually adopt the attitude. Even obstacles like finance that normally we faced a few decades ago no longer are a stopping point as there are many ways to go around this for those who lack resources!

While our teachers normally plan about eight activities each week to ensure the children’s learning and development needs are catered to holistically, it would help them more to stay organized to further boost their motivation! When a space is designed to be well-organized and reserved only for learning, it would make each child feel in control, and grow them as not only an organized person but a responsible one as well! Having toys around them while they try to study is never a safe bet, and if distractions are removed, it would be a habit where they can always study in a safe space where they can put their full concentration on a specific task at hand.

Our teachers here in Ilham not only take into consideration each child’s strengths and weaknesses to provide further changes to lesson structure and teaching styles of every child, but interactive walls and learning corners are readily available around the class for children to use where they can extend their skills and knowledge as well! To achieve the maximum ability of your child’s potential, we always encourage each child to pursue interests and subjects they enjoy! Due to the number of children we have, our teachers will do their utmost to help every child, but some may catch on faster than others. By putting these interactive walls and learning corners, some children might express a greater interest than others, and may wish to take it upon themselves to learn!

By promoting their interests in a specific subject, they will be willing to find their own way to be interested in that specific topic, and the learning process turns easier at that point as they will be their own motivator in learning about it! After introducing it to them, all they need is to encourage them to find out more about them, and show them which book might give them more information on that topic. After that, by simply asking them what they learn, we can find out how deep their connection is to that topic, as the more interested they are, the more the child would want to know about something!

Of course, the last thing our teachers promote here in Ilham is to celebrate each success and achievement! It is something we have talked about before, where we consistently celebrate every small achievement the children have done here. By recognizing this, it would provide increased motivation to make themselves feel good.

Even the smallest yet sincere praises would provide the child a sense of pride in their achievements, and possibly push them with positive reinforcements and boost their motivation to go further! Treating them with their favorite ice cream, or even rewarding them with toys or video games if they managed to finish a project on time and earn a good grade would inspire them further to be better! It would challenge themselves to strive to be better and push them to keep up the good work.

There are plenty of other things we do here in Ilham, as our teachers each work on a learning program that would put the children into a better position for the future. We understand how each child is different, but for them to reach their full potential, we know it is the best method to put them on the right path for their future!

How do you feel about our method of unlocking the potential of the children? Are there any other tips you can provide us to better ourselves and the children?

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