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Salams mummies and daddies, how are you?

It’s the 13th day of Ramadhan! Oh my, how time flies Masya’Allah!

Despite the loss hours of sleep and being tired, I do love Ramadhan and you know why?

Well for starters, everyone comes home before 7pm and we are all seated at the dining table, eating dinner together. Normally, this is really near impossible, well for my family simply because Shaik and I will be working beyond 7pm most days but during Ramadhan we make the effort to come home before that so that we can iftar together which is really meaningful and I have grown to love this especially when the kids are all telling you about what happened during the day.. a nice kind of chaos, you know? 😛

I also love love love the fact that we can pray Jemaah especially for Maghrib and Ishak together as a family. This is so beautiful in so many ways that I cant simply put them into words, even the helper prays Jemaah with us. Its even more special when Shaik was overseas and Ilhan took over the role of being Imam to his siblings. Super super proud of him. He really surprises me this one, but all in a good way Alhamdulillah.

My boys praying with ilhan as the imam

Apart from that, I love the extra giving spirit. At Ilham child care, we explained to the students the meaning behind Ramadhan as well as encouraging them to think of the less fortunate too. One of the was is by bringing them to TAA annually and Alhamdulillah we managed to do this on 13th May.

Talking about donating and thinking of the less fortunate, do you know that Ilham Child Care is a social enterprise company and has contributed about Sg600,000 to our Cahaya Ilham Funds where its being used to offset initial payments as well as monthly school fees for parents from lower income, special needs and single parent groups. Alhamdulillah these students under our #yourchildneverwalksalone program enjoy equal learning opportunities and the same curriculum but pays as little as $3 a month for full day child care! Alhamdulillah this is something that Shaik and I do as part of our contributions back to the society and comes about because of our experience as parents where our kids had to top up so much for ectra enrichments and when we cant our child will be placed on the side. Never do we want any child to be treated in such a manner and hence we started the #yourchildneverwalksalone program, Alhamdulillah.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility or better known as CSR, Ilham CC has adopted Muhammadiyah as our charity for the second time and we were super pleased to be invited to their iftar event with GOH, Mr Amrin Amin. It was a really meaningful event especially since my key leaders joined me too and im really looking forward to hosting them as well at Focus One branch on 27th May and at Tradehub 21 branch on 30th May and really hoping you, our parents can join us on these meaningful occasions.

Key leaders with Mdm Rubiah from Muhamadiyah

Key leaders with Mr Amrin Amin at Muhammadiyah Iftar 2019






I guess one of the other things I like about Ramadhan is all the bazaars!! Although its super-hot and crowded, I love absorbing the atmosphere at these places and of course, the food!! Everything sinful and nice in one place heehe..

My secondary school besties and I at Celebfest

Here’s wishing the best to the rest of your Ramadhan and may Allah swt accept all our deeds on this blessed month, In Shaa Allah Amin.

Lots of Lurve,
Shahidah Angullia