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Assalamualaikum everyone!
Selamat Hari Raya to all and I hope that everyone is healthy and loving the raya vibes!


For this entry, I have decided to share on how my raya was as a first time mum. So lets get started!
I have a 10-month old baby girl name Starla who is the joy of both me and my husband and we were
super excited to celebrate this raya as a family of 3. My babygirl alone has 6 baju raya thanks to my
parents and in-laws as she is their first grandchild and well also me because I just cannot resist all
the cute baby raya clothes! But the most important thing is to ensure that the material of the baju
kurung is comfortable and not too thick, so most of her baju kurung is cotton.
So for the first day of raya, our colour theme was a peachy salmon colour. We had to prepare a lot of
things to ensure that Starla will not be cranky so we really had to plan the entire timing even what
time to leave the house. The list of things to bring was like A LOT! Or maybe it was just me the kiasu
In her diaper bag I had packed:
1) 2 set of spare clothes & towel
2) diapers, cream & changing mat
3) hot water
4) 4 bottles
5) cooler bag as she is taking breastmilk
6) baby bites
7) formula (just in case)
So my husband was in-charge to carry everything and well he looked like he was ready to have a
camping trip!
We had planned to leave for my in-laws place during her nap so it was easier as I just have to pop
her in the carrier and off we go!


As her milk time also coincides with her nap it was easy for me to feed as she was already in the
carrier and asleep so. CHECKED for milk time and nap!





At my in-laws place she has a whole 2 hours of play and eating time before her nap and milk time is
due. I have to be strict with her routines as this baby girl gets super cranky if her routines get
disrupted and the easiest way to get her to sleep is in her carrier.





**Photo with an active baby is so difficult!**
At the last house she got quite cranky as it was already passed her bedtime (she will not sleep until
she is in a dark and quiet room) but she just keeps on playing as long as there is someone
entertaining her.
So a quick shower and a change of clothes to her pyjamas before heading home and putting her to

It was definitely a new challenge for me and my husband but well we managed to get through it and
we are super proud of each other!



How was your raya?
Is there any tips that you can share with me for a first time mother?