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Assalamualaikum parents!!
How was your Raya with kids? Especially when you have more than one child! Well I thought that since we are only one week into Eid, I’ll give some tips on how to survive and remain sane when you go out visiting with kids especially when you have more than one child like me! So how do I survive visiting with 4 kids?? 😅😅

1. Get the kids involved.

I love to get my kids involved and get them included and hear their opinions whenever we have plans be it going for holidays, weekly outings and Raya visitings. I always feel that by giving them autonomy they will realise that not only do we respect and trust them but it also makes them ‘mature’ and let them know that they are responsible for their planning and seeing it through. Hence, for raya celebration, we get them involved from the start by asking their opinions on the colours or if they are ok with that particular style. We also explain to them the significance of Raya which is not to just collect money but also to bond and visit family especially their elders. For my kids , they really look forward to going out and visiting their dada, Dadi, Habib and Nani as well as all their Kalas and Mamus so they really enjoy visiting.

2. Plan the route well

It’s very important to plan your route earlier so that you can know how much food and milk powder to prepare for the day. You wouldn’t want to have to go home in the middle of the visiting just because you didn’t pack enough milk powder as that will spoil your mood.


3. Prepare , prepare and prepare

Raya visiting with kids is very much the same as going on a holiday. Get a checklist done to prepare all the things you have to bring for example, for babies ; 2 changes of clothes, enough diapers , enough milk powder, food for them , snacks, wet wipes, tissues, towel , their toiletries if they need to be bathe . Everything must be arranged and pre-packed if possible the night before or that early morning so that you wouldn’t have to rush and forget anything hence the checklist will really help.
Fun shot capture with the in-laws!
Just the ladies in the family!

Our short trip to Melaka. We were invited by our business coach, Dr Azizan Osman to his mother’s. We are so happy that we managed to bring the kids as well to meet him. Although the trip was a short one, but it is such a memorable one!


4. Children first

You may know everyone you are meeting but your children may not and hence may not be very comfortable when asked to hug or kiss people who are strangers to them so don’t force your kids to do so if they are not comfortable and are reluctant. As parents, our job is to be their protector and to listen to them. We can coax them but if they still refuse , it’s ok to just explain to the person.
If we want our kids to Salam our elders then it’s always good to practise with them before that and make it a fun activity. Explain the reason as to why it’s important to Salam the elders even if the kids are young.
Stick to their routine as well so if for example it’s time to eat , then be sure to feed them on time . If it’s their bedtime then you can either call it a night or explain to everyone not to disturb the baby and you can cuddle him or her to sleep with a baby carrier. As much as possible, do not disrupt your child’s routine. This will Ensure that they don’t get cranky.


5. Fun! Fun ! Fun!

Don’t get so stressed to mummies and daddies when things don’t go as planned or when kids spill that drink all over your Kebaya 😅 . Remember to have loads of fun with your children because then you are the one that sets that tone for the days with your kids . If you are relaxed , they will be too and at the end of the day , we do want them to remember hari Raya visiting with lots of smiles when they look back at their pictures with you!
I hope the above helps to make your Raya visiting much more fun and stress free! Till my next blog …
Lots of Lurve,
Shahidah Angullia