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Reviews and feedbacks from parents.

Mother to
“Daania & Daiyan”

“The teacher has helped to prepare her to some extent so that the transition from kindergarten to primary one is very much easy, it was an easy process for her as a whole. Currently my son is in N2, he is learning and I think he got more confidence in learning the languange as well. “

Parents of

“Before this we actually sent to another kindergarten, but there was not so much of progress at all. After we send to Ilham, the progress was tremendous that we actually found the school quite good, very good to be exact. Even the teachers, they are really, really great, they look after our child as their own.”

Parent of
“Dian, Daffa & Dini”

“There was not a day my children come back home and cry or complain about the school. They always come back home happy and lively. There was a time on a Saturday, she wanted to go to school, she was so happy and when I told her it was Saturday, she was so sad.”

“I feel at ease sending my son to school as I know that all the teachers and staff are very caring and loving towards him since Day 1.”

Mdm Nur Farhana, Md Fauzan (PG)

“Great to know that the teachers in Ilham are dedicated in ensuring that every child’s needs are met. Thank you all for your patience.”

Mdm Murshidah, Fathimah (PG)

“Thank you for looking after Armel. She seems to be more confident and improvement in her interactions.”

Mdm Aisyah, Armel Nur Farisah (PG)

“U’mar has learnt and improved a lot under Teacher Julia’s care. He speaks well of his teacher.”

Mdm Izyan, Md U'mar (N2A)

“Teacher Khairiyah is a passionate, dedicated and caring teacher who always listens to my concerns with regard to Nuhaa’s needs.”

Mdm Izyan, Nur Nuhaa (N1)

“Teacher Zaf has been attentive and always giving updates on the projects they are doing. She also sends photos of children of the projects or any events.”

Mdm Zalifah, Zahirulhaq (N2B)