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The Unique Ilham Experience, Why We Do What We Do

The young child’s brain has the astonishing capacity to form new connections rapidly. In addition, the brain’s plasticity allows it to change as we learn and gain new experiences continuously. 

Because children learn new things every day, their brains’ connections rapidly grow and develop during early childhood, making the early years of development critical for learning.

We recognize this at Ilham Child Care, so we provide opportunities to children to follow their interests, learn, and develop at their pace. Each student brings their unique developmental, behavioural, and learning abilities or challenges to the classroom. 

We provide inclusive care at Ilham to accommodate students with special needs and help them reach their milestones. 

Here is why the Ilham experience is unique and why we do what we do.

The Importance of Language Development

We understand that languages come in handy for learning, social connections, and business in the future. Moreover, research shows that language development is the backbone of a child’s future learning and success.

Contrary to sceptical beliefs, the simultaneous introduction of multiple languages does not perplex children as the windows of opportunity would enable them to navigate multilingual environments naturally. Hence, acquiring a second language in life stimulates the brain to learn multiple other languages. 

There are benefits for children who can speak and code-switch into multiple languages based on appropriate occasions. Firstly, they can achieve better academic results in the long term as multilingual children are often better at problem-solving, understanding language structures better, and enhancing concentration. This, in turn, enables them to be able to multitask. 

Language development begins as early as infancy, whereby language acquisition peaks around 11 months of age. During that time, children optimize their window of opportunity, becoming more receptive to language learning. 

Hence, exposure to multiple languages is beneficial for younger-aged children until they are six years old. Kids are more receptive to remembering vocabulary through a cognitive method called fast mapping. These can only be achieved if they are exposed by their teachers, family, and peers in a literacy-rich environment. 

So, instead of the usual English and Malay, we also provide Mandarin and Arabic language classes as mandatory programs, making Ilham the only child care to initiate and maintain this so far.


Inclusion of Special Curriculums

Many parents choose us because we are the only child care centre in the world that provides eight free enrichments to our students. In addition, we offer one semester of primary one preparatory programme that includes social grooming and etiquette course. We also provide free soccer coaching under our #yourchildneverwalksalone programme, as we want to provide equal learning opportunities to all our students.

We provide eight enrichments at Ilham: 

  • Jolly Phonics Reading programme
  • Montessori
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music and Movement
  • Speech and Drama
  • Martial Arts Programme
  • Cookery
  • Malay Immersion Programme

Special Needs Care

Children with special needs need to be provided with the opportunity to make friends and play with other children, as many of them are around adults most of their time.

Our special needs care enables kids to spend time and interact with their peers, participating in various activities.

Children with special needs are different and unique, so our teachers are equipped and trained to care for students with various abilities and provide high-quality education and care. 

Inclusive child care is also the key to helping children learn at an early age not to judge others by their mental or physical abilities. Such a mindset instils manners, empathy, and acceptance from an early age. 

Inclusive child care means that our teachers are equipped to care for a broader range of student’s abilities and provide a high quality of early childhood education and care. Each centre under Ilham Child Care has one or two trained teachers to care for Special Needs kids. Teachers are encouraged to cater to all children of different needs and abilities. Even our director is qualified and trained as a special needs educator. 

The #yourchildneverwalksalone Programme

We are aware the holistic curriculum helps promote a child’s cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional skills. So, we are excited to assist families with financial needs, wanting to provide the same learning opportunities to children from all walks of life and economic situations.

We want to empower children and provide them with affordable learning as we firmly believe that all children should receive equal academic opportunities, no matter what background they come from. 

What do you think about our efforts? Do you find Ilham Child Care unique? We’d like to hear your thoughts.