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Congratulations to my dear K2s! This time of the year always brings me great joy and a little sadness. It is almost time to say goodbye but I am very much looking forward to watching you fly! However, instead of my own personal thoughts and reflections, today, I would like to share to my readers a heartfelt letter from Ms Ashikin (Form Teacher for the K2s at Ilham Child Care) to her graduating students.

Dear Graduates,

I want you to know it has been such an honour to teach you and to see you grow as students and friends.  I may have been your teacher but I have learnt so much from you too.  (Especially about gaming!)

Each of you is so different and unique. You all have special gifts and abilities and it was sometimes a challenge for me to keep up with you all, but you all were so helpful and caring that learning together turned the challenge into a delight. You may be leaving my care but you are also leaving with new friends.  You have learnt to celebrate each other’s differences and form wonderful friendships and that really warms my heart.

Do you know what I’ve learnt this year?  All about YouTube and gaming!  I think I might be an expert now.  When we first met, I had no idea what you were all talking about.  It was like having to learn a language that you all knew and I didn’t u

nderstand it at all! This year I have graduated in the art of gaming because you took the time to share your interests with me and I was able to use that interest to create new ways of teaching.  Thank you for that gift you gave me!

Remember the time we played Minecraft?  You had to show me what to do, step by step, and you laughed at me when I did it all wrong.  But together we reached our goal. That is what I want you to remember.  When you have a goal, take it step by step and remember to laugh when things don’t go to plan.  You will always get there in the end, so you might as well have fun on the way.

When you find something difficult or you don’t enjoy it, remember what we all learnt together.  Find a way to make it fun and what seems hard will become so much easier.  If I can learn Minecraft and the names of famous YouTubers, then you can do anything! Because of you, my next class will have a better teacher.  Apart from gaming, I have learnt to have more patience, to pay attention to the little things that really matter to you, to slow down and to celebrate every achievement.  

You are about to go on a brand new adventure.  Remember, you are brave, smart explorers and adventures are exciting.  New people to meet, new things to learn and you have all the skills you need to succeed.   I am excited to find out who you will become.

Graduates, I will miss you very much but I know that it is time to let you go.  Be brave, be bold and keep on learning.  

With love,
Ms Nurul Ashikin


What a heartwarming letter from Ms Ashikin!

Indeed, the bond between them is unbreakable. To add on, I would also like to say to the parents; Thank you for trusting us with your child’s early childhood years and allowing them to be a part of the Ilham Child Care family. Every single one of your children has truly brought us much joy and are a credit to you! We will continue to support and cheer on your kids in their future endeavours! I certainly hope that you will continue to grow into wonderful Muslims and Muslimahs. In Shaa Allah. 

Our promise. Your Child Never Walks Alone ~