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Exploration and hands-on experiences have a special place in child development and early learning. Children learn about the world around them and develop through everyday interactions, manipulative play, free exploration and sensory experiences. 

Every child develops at their own pace, growing into an exceptional individual with unique interests, values, beliefs, attitudes and skills whose mind, body and spirit are closely entwined. 

Therefore, at Ilham Child Care, our approach to education is evidence-based and holistic. 

What does this mean?

Our holistic approach to education means that we strive to engage and motivate the whole person’s development, not only children’s specific skills or personality traits. Our curriculum is tailored to enhance a child’s development across all aspects – cognitive, motor, language, and social-emotional. 

A holistic approach allows our teachers to pay attention to each child’s emotional, physical, personal and spiritual needs. 

The Inclusion of Eight Free Enrichments and Four Language Programmes 

Our evidence-based and holistic approach helps us when planning and assessing our students’ needs and well-being. It enables us to assess each child as a whole individual and continually monitor their progress across various development areas. 

For example, our teachers will observe that the child’s new physical skill (when they learn to tie shoelaces) also leads to greater confidence and self-esteem, boosting their emotional development. In other words, a holistic approach allows early childhood educators to plan for future learning involving the child’s interests, abilities and needs.

Our enrichments are all included in the curriculum, so parents can find all their kids’ need to grow well and thrive in one place. 

Enrichments integrated into our curriculum aim to provide each student with the opportunity to develop their potentials and reach their developmental milestones fully. 

At Ilham Childcare, we provide eight enrichments that come free: 

  1. Jolly Phonics Reading programme
  2. Montessori
  3. Arts and Crafts
  4. Music and Movement
  5. Speech and Drama
  6. Martial Arts Programme
  7. Cookery
  8. Malay Immersion Programme

We know that language is a foundation of learning. Language skills involve the ability to understand and be understood through verbal, nonverbal, and written communication, and they are essential for a child’s academic success. However, language skills are also a foundation for future success across all aspects of life, from professional achievement to success in getting along with others. We also understand that certain languages will come in handy for business in the future. So instead of the usual English and Malay, we also provide Mandarin and Arabic language classes as compulsory programmes making us the only child care to initiate and maintain this thus far. 

Unlike other centres that may offer extra enrichments at extra costs, we believe in including this in our fee as part of our #yourchildneverwalksalone one stop program as we want to give equal learning opportunities to children from all walks of life and financial situations. 

Thematic-Based Approach

Our curriculum’s uniqueness lies in a thematic approach in which every topic revolves around a specific theme for that term. 

Our classrooms have their theme board created, customized, and regularly updated by our teachers based on children’s interests, skills and background knowledge. 

The theme-based approach is a holistic way of teaching that connects various curriculum areas and integrates them with a theme. This approach helps the teachers facilitate learning for each child, taking into account their preferred learning style, interests and developmental level. 

The Benefits of Thematic-Based Approach

Our themes involve developmentally-appropriate activities that boost curiosity and love for learning. 

Theme-based learning promotes active teaching and learning. It encourages kids to share ideas with the group, facilitating communication and enhancing a child’s confidence. It also nurtures cooperation and helps children learn other critical social skills such as sharing, persistence, empathy, etc. 

The theme-based curriculum revolves around children’s interests, promoting imagination, curiosity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Through specific themes, our teachers establish a framework with goals specifying what our students are expected to learn and achieve as the result of lessons and childcare experiences. A theme-based curriculum means that the chosen topic relates to each skill area, helping kids make connections across the curriculum and learn about different aspects of larger, encouraging critical thinking and creativity.  

Therefore, our early childhood teachers also create lesson plans based on children’s interests, so all lessons are significantly related to children and aligned with their interests, needs, knowledge, and abilities. 

A holistic and evidence-based approach makes our curriculum unique because it provides each student with the opportunity to develop all aspects of their personality equally. Our thematic-based curriculum gives the teachers the flexibility to create the curriculum based on students’ interests, encouraging phenomenon-based and experiential learning.

This kind of approach revolves around specific themes students show interest in promoting their cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional skills. 

At Ilham Child Centre, we know that healthy habits and a sharp mind are the backbones of personal excellence. Therefore, we strive to provide each child with academic excellence to grow into healthy and happy adults.