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When I first started Ilham Childcare with my wife and business partner, we only had one vision in mind – which was to provide young children with a dynamic and exciting educational experience and develop skills that are holistic and developmentally appropriate.

You see, we have four beautiful children and while we were bringing them up – we were so frustrated, because we couldn’t find a childcare that could provide an inclusive holistic culture for them which was affordable. We had to send them for madrasahs and enrichment classes every weekend.This took a toll on us and our kids physically and mentally. They had classes during the weekends and we would be waiting for them outside to finish their classes. At that time, I was a police corporal, so it was hard for me to afford those extra classes. I remembered my son coming back to me one day, and said that he was put in a corner to play with musical instruments and was not allowed to join his friends who were learning other things which made me upset to know.

That was when my wife and I decided to set up Ilham childcare so that we could provide other people’s kids the best that we possibly can and not face the same problems that we did. In Ilham, we offer a comprehensive range of curriculum which includes FREE enrichments such as Martial Arts, Music, Speech & Drama, Cookery, Malay Immersion Program, Jolly Phonics, Arts & Crafts, 4 languages; English, Malay, Mandarin & Arabic. Ilhamites also get free Soccer coaching under our #yourchildneverwalksalone program.


Recently, we introduced Kali Majapahit to our students. Shahidah and I believe that martial arts is an amazing tool for building responsible and confident kids while encouraging teamwork and promoting leadership. We also integrate Islamic education and teach Tilawati (tajweed) recitals everyday as well as daily solat, so that our Ilhamites can grow up with strong Islamic values.We believe we can enrich Ilhamites with lessons that they can apply when they transition to primary school. Many parents have also happily told us that there wasn’t a day when their child came back home crying or complaining and even wanted to come back on a weekend! It makes Shahidah and I proud to hear that.



The start wasn’t easy and we faced many obstacles but Alhamdulillah, we are so glad to be where we are today. We take strong pride in what we do and we see our role as providing an environment that promotes optimum physical, cognitive, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development very seriously. As long as Ilhamites are under our care, we will treat and care for them as our own.We want to empower children and provide them affordable learning as we believe that all children should receive EQUAL learning opportunities, no matter what background they come from.